Call of Duty Black Ops Beta Hacked

The Call of duty "First strike" Beta hsa been hacked to include Super speed, super jump, and infinite ammo. These same hacks were seen in the recent blockbuster, Modern Warfare 2.

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steve30x2886d ago

I am not surprised. Every online game gets hacked like that these days

Craptain_Steel2886d ago

Aye, hacking is a bad thing, but it's everywhere.

captain-obvious2886d ago

""Call of Duty Black Ops Beta Hacked""

well that cant be good

raztad2886d ago

Do those hacks/glitches work the same regardless the platform? just wondering.

CoreGamer2886d ago

remove the approval, it links to a streaming site.

MrAwesome2886d ago

When the full game comes out it'll be even worse but it's nothing online games haven't experienced yet.

FACTUAL evidence2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I'm really getting sick of the words "hacked" and "glitched".

HSx92886d ago

Every call of duty gets hacked within a few days, if you ever tried to hack another game like medal of honor you would struggle, I can't even figure out the scripts for that game.

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Fishy Fingers2886d ago

The jtag hack is really a pain in the ass huh, just cant seem to stop it.

MGRogue20172886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

... It starts.

Things are only going to get even worse once the game is unleashed to the public. oh boy.

I just hope that Treyarch sticks to their promise about moderating the game & removing these hacks/mods ASAP..

electricshadow2886d ago

Boy, that looks like lots of fun...

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The story is too old to be commented.