Has Sony's Internal Supply Of The PS3 60GB Run Dry?

Sony confirmed the depletion of PS3 60GB machines at the company's online store on Tuesday suggesting that only retail units remain for the discontinued and cheaper model.

"The online site has exhausted its inventory of the 60GB," a Sony representative told GamePro in an email. "They still have inventory available in-store, however, and other larger retailers and their web operations still have ample supply."

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Meus Renaissance4102d ago

This isn't really relevant when you compare where people buy their PS3's from. Major retailers or Sony stores.

Itachi4102d ago

didn't it take Microsoft 6 months to shift 1.6 million units

heroman7114102d ago

a crap load of places have ps3s left. 2 million consoles wont sell that fast

Maddens Raiders4102d ago

"a crapload" huh? So you're a retail expert I suppose. How many stores is a crapload exactly? And more importantly how do you know the specific number? Are you an SCEA sales manager? If so, pardon my asking -- and thanks for joining the site! It's great having a real insider come speak "directly" about these issues. =P

I helped clear out the 60Giggers on Nov 17, 2006. The rest will be gone by early Q1 08.

harpua4102d ago

"a crap load of places have ps3s left. 2 million consoles wont sell that fast"

translation: Mommie I'm scared the PS3 will out-sell the 360, can I have my jello early tonight?

WilliamRLBaker4102d ago

Maidens you just dissed the ps3 badly you do know..?

Its gonna take over 6 months to sell 2m+ ps3 units at 500 dollars?

Maddens Raiders4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

perhaps you should look up what fiscal quarters are sparky. Read again, think, and then respond accordingly. Keyword *early. =]

WilliamRLBaker4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

I'll post for your benefit maidens.
A Fiscal Quarter is 3 months.
It is Auguest 29th, the ps2 has been selling units in a major way because of the price drop since..July 8th.

Lets see its now.
Auguest 29th thats.
3 days left in auguest.
30 days in september.
31 Days in October.
30 days in November.
31 Days in December.
31 Days in Janurary.

You said they would be gone by Early 1st Quarter So Late Janurary.
Thats 156 days.
A Year in the buisness world of sales is commonly Refered to as an 30 day period.
Ok Thats 5 months and 6 days by sales days and months.
And even if it wasn't, and the sales world went straight with the extra days some months have (31 and 32 days at times) then there would still be enough days so that when the ps3 60 gig 499 dollar version would still sell out within the 6th month therefor 6 months.

So you've basically said that a 499 dollar 60 gig ps3 (that you think is a god send) will take 6 months to sell out.

So i'm not wrong.

P.S: and in the off chance i am wrong, By my numbers you still said it would take your god machine at 499 to sell within 5+ months.

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Raptors4102d ago

I can't see the 60gb lasting past Q1 2008. This Christmas should be huge for all 3 systems as they all have some good games under them now. The Wii will be sold out for sure and those who don't end up with one will turn to the ps3 or 360 instead. This in addition to the ppl who already planned to buy a 360 or ps3. <-------Can you believe Michael Pachter makes tons of money just to say things like this? lol

level 3604102d ago

Probably all the better I suppose, so the 80gb version could replace it as the standard "basic" console of choice.

LeonSKennedy4Life4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Your mom has two balls.

EDIT: I'm needed to be said.

Seriously though...what's the relevance of that statement? You know who doesn't have balls? THAT DUDE AT GAMESTOP THAT TOLD ME WARHAWK DOESN'T COME IN TILL TOMORROW!!! I RIPPED THEM CLEAN OFF OF HIM!!!

bung tickler4102d ago

no point. i was just saying that i have two balls.

i wanted to see how many tools would disagree.

TheMART4102d ago

Those two balls disagreed

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