How to steal items in New Vegas without getting caught.

mygamertalk- Genius. Go grab a pot, put everything you plan to steal in it, take it to another room and grab the loot without being seen or losing karma.

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falloutx2890d ago

I've known this since Fallout 3, I thought this was common knowledge.

zeeshan2890d ago

I started playing Fallout games with Fallout 3 and I never used this trick! Thanks for the tip. One question! Can I steal something off a NPC and then drop it in a bucket and not get caught or loose karma?

allyc4t2890d ago

Probably not, you need to find an object that is already visible.

Gago2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

this is nothing compared to what you can do in oblivion

Lekumkee2890d ago

lol I remember in Oblivion you can kill your horse Shadowmere and stuff him full of items.

Gawd, I wish there was a new Oblivion...

Motorola2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Not new Oblivion. Elder scrolls though, yes. Im tired of walking around the country only to see the sky turn red. I use console cheats to turn it back. FW 38EEE i think lol

WINZLOW2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

i never knew i can get away with stealing by putting items in a bucket. what about guns? arent there guns on that table as well? will they fall out? haha "fallout" get it? ok lol.

allyc4t2890d ago

I never really got into Fallout 3, but I did enjoy New Vegas despite it's many flaws. This is pretty new to me, and I'm pretty sure you can put anything in the bucket and steal it, as long as it fits of course ;)

Motorola2890d ago

LOL "fallout" i get it...yeah im a loser

WINZLOW2890d ago

and i will try this tonight after work.

ANoobsJourney2890d ago

Can you do this on the xbox version? If so how do you pick up, and drop the items like that?

NoOoB1012890d ago

U click in one of the joysticks. cant remember which one though but just point and click it down then click it again to drop it.

WINZLOW2890d ago

ive picked up and dragged items before but dont remember what button. just explore with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.