The Fight Lights Out Delayed until November

The Fight Lights out has been delayed until November 9th.... Initially it was supposed to ship on October 26th but has been push backed again.

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Pennywise2884d ago

As long as it is perfect when it releases that is fine. Too many games coming out at one time anyways.

40cal2883d ago

I have been thinking that Light Out was going to get pushed for months now. The just looked like it needed more time, I am just hoping that it gets the time it needs.

joydestroy2883d ago

i completely agree. with the delays, though, there will be no excuses if it fails. and i'll be pretty disappointed.

big_silky2883d ago

how many delayed games are people willing to accept? how many times can you just shrug and say "whatever"? how many excuses can you make for the delay of every title on a console?

fight4love2883d ago

better than a rushed product imo.

SoapShoes2883d ago

Yeah because 2 weeks is SUCH a big deal... If you're going to die over a delay then you have mental problems.

phatak2883d ago

Yea it isnt a big deal. but y delay it for 2 weeks in the first place?

TreMillz2883d ago

things like this happen...

Parapraxis2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Yeah big_silky, 360 games NEVER get delayed.



I own a 360 & PS3, there are more than enough games to keep me very busy. I have pretty much no issues with delays, so long as they make the games better, which would seem to be the case for the most part.

uxo222883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

NM, not worth the trouble.

jukins2883d ago

"delay of every title on a console"?

pain777pas2883d ago

GT5 is the only game that I really am tired of hearing is delayed only because it is the game that I am going to invest alot of time in... eventually. This game could be really good if they nail it. I am thinking of getting a second move controller for this game. I hope that they nail the gameplay at the very least and build something totally unexpectedly cool around the great gameplay like maybe a story or something.

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testerg352883d ago

Are there updated videos of this game? The last one I saw was very BAD.. really laggy.

Bigpappy2883d ago

It is clear from what I have seen that this game was a technical mess.

Parapraxis2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I saw a few positive previews and a few negative ones, so I'm still keeping an eye on this game.

Of course you must have missed all the positive odd.

blackpanther252883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

i played it at the engadget meetup and the game was a buggy mess. It didn't read movements well and synching it correctly is hard. If was really off and on. for some people it worked perfectly for others it was a mess. I say let them delay it and fix it a little more.

I played THE SHOOT and SINGSTAR dance game and those games were very addictive, I kept on going back to play them. The control is 1:1 on the shoot and it was very smooth a must buy in my books.

ps. they also had motorstorm: Apocalypse and i have never been a fan of the series but that game is incredible with and without 3d.

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The story is too old to be commented.