Destructoid: Saw II Review

Bottom line: if you enjoyed the first game, you'll dig this one too. If not, you may want to give it a pass. It doesn't break any new ground, but what it does, it does well enough.

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InfectedDK2971d ago

Is there actually one who has been playing the first game that can say anything about it??

DMason2971d ago

Destructoids review scores are all over the place. I do not trust this place worth a damn anymore. This scored higher than Fable 3, nuff said.

BlackTar1872971d ago

who cares if the game is fun.

Gameplay over graphics anyday. a shiny turd is still a shinny turd

J5Feedback2971d ago

I didn't mean it in terms of graphics. The game, in general, looks like poop.

R_aVe_N2971d ago

This got a higher score than Star Wars... I don't think so!

mikhail_tisoy2971d ago

OH LOOK HIGHER SCORE THAN FABLE 3 what a complete joke

InfectedDK2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Have you tried 'em both?

EDIT: How can I get disagrees for asking such a logic question?
Give an answer instead loosers.

mikhail_tisoy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

yes i have fable3 n saw 2

BlackTar1872971d ago

both saw 2 and fable 3 and you have played them both?

HolyOrangeCows2971d ago

LOL, the games must be really short or else he completed them really fast :P

Der_Kommandant2971d ago

What a joke destructoid is...

BlackTar1872971d ago

so it cant be a better game then fable or star wars? Why not?? Please answer.
because it doesn't have the hype or the name behind it?

mikhail_tisoy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

becuase its pure crap

TroyAndAbed2971d ago

I think I'll trust the guy who passed English.

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