Destructoid: Kinect Adventures Impressions

No bit of hardware is any good if there is no software to show it off. Arguably, Wii Sports was the system seller for that console, and the fact it came bundled with the Wii only made the whole shebang that much more appealing. Microsoft is making the same bet by bundling Kinect with an equally casual title: Kinect Adventures. Does it measure up?

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PandemicPrawn02972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It would seem from this preview at least, that Kinect Adventures is running smoothly and more importantly is fun.

I thought that Adventures was one of the weakest titles available for the Kinect launch, but this has made me think twice. The article had hardly a negative thing to say. Also interesting to note that there was no mention of any lag or unresponsiveness.

Pennywise2972d ago

Unfortunately, while I was entirely enthralled by the physicality of the games (my legs and abs were aching after ten minutes), and how the interaction between players corporeally makes this game incredibly dynamic, I am concerned that Kinect Adventures will offer fun in only short bursts.

^Yeah sounds like a real positive review.

Dread2972d ago

Pennywise i can always count on you to keep the hate alive. Your SDF bretheren must be very proud.

testerg352972d ago

And you don't thing that's the same thing with Sports Championship?

siyrobbo2972d ago

he's too busy playing with his eyepet

EasilyTheBest2972d ago sound gutted that the reviewer didnt mention any lag and generally gave the game a positive review.
This site has been alive with hater talking about how terrible the lag is and its unplayable. Even going as far as saying Microsoft is going to sell a ton of a non working gaming device.
Closer to the release dates and I have began to see that Kinect works fine, I have even had 2 hours with Kinect myself, guess what, the lag is virtually gone.
The games are just fun, not for the hardcore perhaps and generally not for the haters.
The 1st reviews will be here soon, if we see 4 and 5s out of 10 we will know Kinect sucks.
If we see 7s and even some 8s we know Kinect is going to be great...

The Wood2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

trust me, some of those games especially on the gold cup level make you put the work in. I wa sweating like i stole something. You feel ALL motion games

Bigpappy2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Usually Destructoid is very negetive about Kinect.

Okay Penny. That aching in the abs and legs, means this guy needs Kinect more than me. I go the gym twice a week for 1hr+ workout each visit. If Kinect Adv makes me sore, I will cancel my membership and use just Kinect.

This is also great news and a selling point for the many over weight kids and adults in the USA and Canada.

@EasilyTheBest: I don't care if the reviews give it a 1/10. A lot of these so call hardcore sites, have been unfairly negative to Kinect because it is not used in core games. They have being highly critical of the game selection and prety play to the hate they read on the net. I don't normally base my purshase on review scores, and I definally wouldn't in this case.

PandemicPrawn02972d ago

"Ultimately, these are all grand in single player, but the mini-games become much more dynamic and fun when done in multiplayer. Seriously, I had a blast running through Reflex Ridge against Hamza Aziz, and jostling with friends while leaping about is surprisingly fun. Multiplayer can be done local or online, and drop-in play is as simple as walking in front of the camera, with Kinect recognizing player's faces and applying the correct avatar".

Not an entirly negative one either.

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Christopher2972d ago

That was one very short preview...

***my legs and abs were aching after ten minutes***

Really? I'm not in the best of shape but I don't see this being more rigorous than the standard p90x workout, which takes more than 10 minutes to get me aching.

btk2972d ago

Clever games - hiding lag - so it should be quite good. Games like this suit EyeToy / Kinect type devices. If I went for Kinect this would be one of the titles I would get.

siyrobbo2972d ago

if you went for kinect you would automatically get this game, as its bundled with it

shadyiswin2972d ago

Thanks for making me spit up ginger ale. Lol. He disgraces a disgraceful name such as btk.

offdawall2972d ago

Sounds like those guys really enjoyed it :) but its just not my cup of tea $150.00 in this economy for minigames ? Can't do it

josephayal2972d ago

Whos is going to buy this?

Dlacy13g2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I am. Pre-order in with Amazon. Right now debating Your Shape Fitness or hold out for EA's Active 2.

Edit: OMFG...You disagree with my statement that I am buying Kinect. What a bunch of D-bags! Facts are facts...I am buying Kinect. Disagree all you want...wont change the fact that I am buying it.

Killed4Less2972d ago

I'm buying it as well. I know my brother in law is also purchasing it.

Looking forward to having a bit of fun with it.

blackburn52972d ago

So now we are listening to Destructoid now to get positive previews?

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