GameFocus: WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011 Review

GameFocus: "I have to hand it to Yukes, they keep making this game better and better each year. Perfection is still a ways off, but it’s a path that they are consistently making headway with. WWE Universe could use some more Superstar interaction, maybe via some trash talking interviews or adding backstage brawls to the mix. Road to Wrestlemania needs to see a more beefed-up backstage area and an overhaul for the pseudo-RPG system. The commentary needs to be totally revamped along with another look at the counter system."


+ More of everything that was great last year
+ WWE Universe is hands-down the best of the single player
+ Online Royal Rumble is a blast
+ Create options are packed!!


- Backstage area is sparse
- Commentary is annoying
- RPG-lite elements are useless
- Counter system needs to be reworked

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Bigpappy2968d ago

But those negatives make me nevous.