Game Infomer reviews GRAW 2 for PS3, 8.5

PS3 owners get a crack at defending America's borders from Mexican dissidents. Graphics are a bit jaggier than the Xbox 360 version, but still impressive. Standard controls are solid, but there is no configuration for using the trigger buttons as, well, triggers

Since you most likely missed the first tour of duty, here is the sitrep: All hell broke loose in Mexico City while the U.S. president was campaigning for the North American Joint Security Agreement....

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reaperxciv4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

THE PS3 is the most advanced gaming console in the world to date, GRAW2 PS3 should get a 9.5, ow I forgot, GRAW 2 was ported from the xbox360.

ALIEN4130d ago

You are such as fanboy. dude! go get a life, do something, or go and make some cookie dough on your oven360. Do you know that the 360 can be used as an oven when it overheats?

pilotpistolpete4130d ago

Yeah, that guy has been trolling alot as of late, probably new member/xbot.

360 should market that, easybake 360. And with the towel trick, you can warm up those nice tea biscuits too. Mmmmmm.

heroman7114130d ago

wasnt expecting this game to be better than 360

paracardium4130d ago

game is better on ps3.Right now when 3fixme melts a ps3 is sold.

akaFullMetal4130d ago

i thought it would be just as good, that is what i heard, but ok 8.5 is still good

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