Spawn Kill Review: FIFA 11

FIFA 10 was probably the biggest improvement from year to year that the franchise has seen in a long time. Last year’s title added a new 360-degree control scheme that completely changed the gameplay and also introduced Virtual Pro which improved on the Be a Pro formula. Along with many other features, FIFA 10 was definitely the highest point in the franchise’s history. While FIFA 11 doesn’t bring the same franchise changing features, the folks at EA Canada were able to create an incredibly realistic soccer game that brings a level of personality and tenacity that no one has seen before in this genre.

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theherp802971d ago

Def the best soccer game out there right now. PES has nothing on FIFA

K-Tuck2971d ago

That's something to store in the memory banks.

foss32971d ago

sorry, I've have both FIFA11 and PES11 for PS3, and PES11 is better this year. FIFA is only better with respect to licensing.

Try both and see for yourself.