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DailyGame calls it one of the best action/adventure RPGs of 2010 in spite of its graphical snafus (9.1 out of 10 score).

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Sarcasm2971d ago

Waiting for PC version of this 360 exclusive.

Dread2971d ago

nice comment troll. Why dont you get Fable 3 for your Playstation 3 instead?

Seijoru2971d ago

How is he trolling? The PC version is incoming and he wants it.

darkziosj2971d ago

just like fable 2 right? ur playing it right now?

Sarcasm2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

No I have my 360 for Fable 2.

I just want the PC version of Fable 3. I didn't build this computer for nothing, so I want as much PC games as possible. That and they're usually $10 cheaper.

And ^Above, I didn't even say anything about PlayStation 3. Ha!

AEtherbane2971d ago

I Like Fable III....
Hope my seed can finally grow into a tree

joydestroy2971d ago

unlike star wars, Fable 3 seems to be getting pretty positive reviews. good to know i can jump to something else after i rip through SW a few times.

Dread2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I would probably get the game even if it got mediocre reviews. I love fable. lol

very much looking forward to playing this tonight after work.

o and too bad about starwars, i was on the fence about it. The first game was pomising but ultimately flawed. It had potential, but it seems that it did not meet it.



yea ill get it eventually. Perhaps when it comes down to $20, or I'll just wait for the release with all the DLC..

joydestroy2971d ago

the second fixes the flaws of the first but that's about it. it's worth $30 to me which is what i'll be paying =P

th3soldier2971d ago


Got the MS hookup? Haha, $30 is what I'm paying too.