Microsoft: We are doubling down on PC games

Exactly a year after rolling out Windows 7 with much fanfare, Microsoft seems to be finally remembering the gamers who help make its platform so popular.

The Oct. 22, 2009, launch of Windows 7 happened with almost no reference to gaming, or the people who use the system so prevalently to game.

It was a massive shift in tone from 2006, when then-Microsoft Vice President Peter Moore apologized for what he called a dereliction of duty to the company's number one gaming platform: the PC.

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AceofStaves2972d ago

It's about time. I'm interested in seeing what they'll have in their storefront.

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Letros2972d ago

The only way I will ever use GFWL marketplace to buy a game is if I cannot get it anywhere else, so in conclusion MS, you need publish some PC's titles yourself.

Flight, Age of Empires Online, and Fable 3 is a start, but it's not nearly enough to take on Steam and what we're getting with Steamworks.

mephixto2971d ago

The funny thing is that many publishers are supporting GFWL but Microsoft Game Studios no. lol

ultramoot2972d ago

Screw you, MS. We've all heard that before time and time again. It never amounts to anything. You left the PC 9 years ago and you're a bunch of liars. GFWL sucks donkey balls. We don't need your "service", free or otherwise. You can rot in hell with your xbox for all I care.

kaveti66162971d ago

somebody call an amber lamps! MS raped ultramoot's mother!

NYC_Gamer2971d ago

i will never use their crappy service

frelyler2971d ago

U give me Gears 2 and 3 when it comes out as well as Alan Wake then I'll believe you. Until then I could care less for what you currently offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.