Indie Game Amnesia Sells 36K In First Month As Dev Ponders Piracy Concerns

Swedish indie game developer Frictional Games this month said it was pleased with first-month sales of the unique Windows, Mac and Linux horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, selling enough units to continue with development of its next game.

Studio co-founder Thomas Grip wrote in an October 8 blog post that sales of the game were "Better than expected on all accounts! [Emphasis Grip's] As of today we have sold a total of 36, 000 units (including preorders, but excluding boxed sales in Russia)." He said the studio has recouped all expenses for developing the game.

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NYC_Gamer2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

this game deserves to sell way more copies..

Neckbear2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

They got enough for their goal, wich is something to be more than happy about.

Now, this makes you wonder why some publishers expect to sell millions of copies, when with these numbers Frictional is more than happy.

Although I share the same feeling- this is a game that should have sold a ton of copies. It's not like it's an expensive game, either. Pretty cheap, in fact.

kancerkid2968d ago

If you read the article, they are happy that they JUST broke even. According to another article, they actually need to sell 70 copies a month, on average, for a while just to pay wages that are quite low.

Everyone who pirated this game is an asshole. It is mad cheap, and very good. No reason AT ALL to pirate this game. I will admit I have pirated games before, but any argument for doing as such falls apart with a game of this caliber at that price point.

Just buy the damn game.

jjank112968d ago

Publishers expect to sell millions because they are public companies, for the most part, and need to make as much money as possible to appease their board and those who own shares in the company. Plus i'm pretty sure most of their employees make more than those who work at Frictional, let alone the executive level folks who make crap-tons more.

STK0262968d ago

Well, maybe they expect to sell millions of copies because of higher marketing and development costs. When games like KZ2, GTA4 and GT5 are being developed for years and handled by a large team, you can't expect to break even with the same sales required for a smaller indy-developed game to break even, and you also have to consider that breaking even is not exactly what these companies are trying to do, they're in for the profit.

Letros2968d ago

Good to see they sold well over their goal.

gillri2968d ago

people are getting a few copies from piratebay, I reckon 5,000 odd copies have been dl'd from there

I sometimes pirate the odd PC game (although I buy lots of console games also) but I would never pirate this, I paid my £10 and it was bargain

jimbojones992968d ago

dunno why youd pirate an indie game. totally wrong. something big like COD yeah but indie titles is unfair.

kancerkid2968d ago

You are right.

No argument at all to pirate this game. None,

AssassinHD2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

So one company deserves compensation for their product, but another does not? There is no justification for piracy in any case.

It really is simple. If a product interests you, and you decide to use it, then you should pay for it. If you decide that a product is not worth the purchase price, then you should simply not use it.

kancerkid2968d ago

I wish it was so black and white, alas, it is not. I do not believe every company deserves 60 dollars, while I on the other hand believe some companies do, plus maybe even more.

AssassinHD2968d ago

The publisher does not make $60. The retailers get a cut too. That being said however, if you do not believe a company deserves $60, then you always have the option of waiting for a price drop, or waiting for a sale, or even buying a game used.

Tuxmask552968d ago

I figured 36-thousand copies of an indy game would be pretty good. Are they not happy with that?

TheIneffableBob2968d ago

The article says that they are happy with that.

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