Logitech's Revue: Google TV at the Vanguard

Logitech's brand new Revue, which brings Google TV to the big screen, holds much promise for the future while giving you something to watch right now; despite the major networks holding out on allowing their content to be accessed, unless you jump over to Amazon Video On Demand or Netflix Instant Watch. Learn what you can do with the Revue right now without having cable or satellite TV.

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bgrundman2971d ago

This looks like it could be a force to be reckoned with in the future...

JimmyJames702971d ago

Yeah, that's just it: it's kind of a "future" type-of-thing in terms of apps and full access to network TV.

BUT, it's fully functional now and is high on the Cool factor.

eaglethorn2971d ago

The next thing in innovation is for tv's to start feeling emotion. That just what I heard.

roblef2971d ago

Too little too late. Apple TV is awesome, though less "open." Hopefully this will influence Jobs & Co to open it up a bit more. But I'm not holding my breath.

JimmyJames702971d ago

I don't know that much about Apple TV, but it seems severely lacking in functionality as compared to Google TV.

saint_john_paul_ii2971d ago

Google TV= Built into Televisions (see the new Sony Google TV)

Apple TV= a set top box.

no, Apple TV is not a winner.

kube002971d ago

Google TV, sounds like i need to ditch cable

JimmyJames702971d ago

Eventually, maybe not quite yet, but I did.