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Gamekult writes : "We expected a little more"

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Chuk52851d ago

Looking trough their most recent reviews, highest score is an 8. Very high standards.

mikeslemonade2851d ago

Oversell and under deliver, it proofs my point.

Redempteur2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

i don't like them because of their attitude BUT they have just high standards and a weird logic.

uncharted 2 barely managed a 9/10 with them ..

At least they don't give free 10/10 like some others

disturbing_flame2851d ago

It seems yes, and the 8 is given to super meat boy, a killer xbla game, looks that they reproach to Fable it's lack of ambition more than a pure criticism of its gameplay or universe.

creeping judas2851d ago

what they give Fallout New Vegas?

disturbing_flame2851d ago

Also a 7 but they gave it the redaction selection.

Fable got nothing.

mikhail_tisoy2851d ago

its a good game but there are some weird design choices they remove follow, replacing it with hold hands, the new emotion system is a wreck and i honestly dont get why reviewers mark it down for similarities with fable 2 while games like fallout 3 nv ,mass effect still get 9+ (IGN) lionhead seems to mess something up everytime they release a new fable game in fable 2 it was coop,fable 3 stupid design choices