Rock Band 3: how to import Rock Band 2 songs

Rock Band 3 is ready to receive the 1.93GB Rock Band 2 song export. RockBandAide details the export process (actually a track pack download) that requires $10 and the code from the back of your Rock Band 2 instruction manual, originally used for some bonus downloadable tracks. To redeem the code, go into the "Get More Songs" menu in Rock Band 3 and head on over to the "Redeem Code" option.

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ShadowPraxis2970d ago

... you really think they would have worked this kind of thing out before releasing the game, right?

SeraphimBlade2970d ago

Dammit, GameStop! I had to buy a second copy of Rock Band 2. Long story. And they said I shouldn't need a new copy for exporting and I should just get a used one. Well crap, this is gonna run me another $30 altogether. I guess I'll hold out 'til Christmas

Minimox162970d ago

"The five songs that will not survive the export process are:
* Journey – "Any Way You Want It"

WHYYYY!!! :(

Redempteur2970d ago

i know i know ..the sad law of copyrights at work here