Vanquish is a thrilling rush of pure adrenaline

SarcasticGamer: Platinum Games is renowned for developing ludicrous action games; Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is one of the most respected designers in the video game industry. Combine an amazingly talented team and a world-class developer, and you create a juggernaut with amazing potential.

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-Mezzo-2968d ago

ohh, this game is awesome.

jaredhart2968d ago

good game. a little short.

tacosRcool2967d ago

More like an ok game or at least to me

Neckbear2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"The story actually starts with a solid premise but falls apart thanks to poor character development and terrible dialogue. I am astounded that someone got paid to write such garbage."

B-But I liked the characters and dialog ;_;

Sure, there's no LOLDEEP stuff, but Sam being badass and Burns being badass too is awesome. 'Sides, the faceless Space Marines actually got a personality here (Talking about the side-characters that always die.)

Sure, the voice acting is cheesy, but that's what makes it awesome, too!

Valay2968d ago

Shinji Mikami made another very good game. Wonder what's next for him.

PaPa-Slam2968d ago

you should buy the full version of the game, once it's $30 or something, the game is amazing but the Length isn't worth $60.

Soldierone2967d ago

Completely agree there. should go on sale after the holidays.