Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo Impressions (Xbox Live, PSN)- Gameplaybook

The demo for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is out now, and it's never felt so good to be a lawman. Check out Gameplaybook's initial impressions!

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Buff10442968d ago

Waiting for this to dl.

BigKev452968d ago

Play the demo, it's meh.

joydestroy2968d ago


on topic, i'd like to see some comparisons from the demo's so i know which pre-order to cancel =D

dirthurts2968d ago

And decide for yourself.
Usually if the frame rate is good and tearing is minimal either console is fine to play any game. Tiny graphical differences are never noticed during gameplay, unless you're objessive.

BryanBegins2968d ago

It's made by Criterion, the lead console is probably the ps3,like for Burnout Paradise. So no worry of poor multiplat port.

hennessey862968d ago

played the demo and could only do one race till someone on my friends list plays it which know one seems to be doing so ive only played as police and well i thought it was ok nothing special i just hope theres some normal racing its what criterion do best so i hope the police arnt part of every race

joydestroy2968d ago

so far it's reminding me of most wanted except more options (ie playing as police) which is a good thing for me. most wanted and shift were the best in the series i think. still have shift, too =)

despair2968d ago

I like how its looking, I loved the original Hot pursuit and Hot Pursuit 2, this one might be just as good and maybe better, will know a little more when I play the demo later tonight.

theonlylolking2968d ago

So far I have played it on mah xbox and its almost just like the PS3 hot pursuit 2.
Graphics are not as pleasant as burnout paradise on my PS3.

Si-Fly2968d ago

I agree mate, I was a little disappointed by the graphics to be honest, little bit fuzzy. Gonna download the ps3 version as soon as it's available and choose which version to buy. Enjoying the game though, haven't played since after work so hoping autolog is up and running by now ...

jack_burt0n2968d ago

paradise on ps3 still holds up now game looks good, shame this is not up to par.

Si-Fly2968d ago

We don't know that it's not on par as we haven't seen the ps3 version yet. It's only the resolution letting it down on 360 imo, detail wise it's streaks ahead of Paradise, particularly the car models.

I can live with the graphics though as the gameplay is great, I'm top of my small friends list on the autolog on 360 so if anyone wants to pm me a friends request feel free, I need a challenge!!

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