Shenmue 3: Would you buy it?

Ah, Shenmue. It's a game we hold dear to our hearts - and yet we haven't written a review related to the series since 2001.

We still think about Shenmue every day, but mostly our thoughts comprise of little more than, "What gives Sega!?"

You know what the worse part is? Sega taunts us. "We still think about Shenmue too," it says - like some ex-girlfriend trying to lie her way out of an awkward chance meeting.

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NYC_Gamer2969d ago

i would buy the limited/collectors edition....

jc485732969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

the problem is, you can't simply ask people up front if they are going to buy it or not. You need to see some real numbers and real consumers (not potential) ahead of time before moving on to the big project. Create a mini game/demo first and do not make it free because anybody can download the software w/o thinking. The demo should cost 5 dollars just like Dead Rising 2 case zero (500,000 users donwloaded the DLC) and this will encourage consumers to do some research and thinking before they make the purchase. Run a survey for the game to receive direct feedback because not every consumer who has contributed 5 dollar may like the demo for sure.

I was also thinking if it would be wise for them to do a small HD update on one small part of the previous entries and add some new gameplay mechanics that may appear in Shenmue 3. I think that would be an interesting demo.

darthv722969d ago

I would buy a collectors ed of 1 & 2 on a single bluray. Sorry my trusty 360, this is a game i care to much about to have restricted to disc size.

jetlian2969d ago

games could fit on a single dvd

darthv722969d ago

if they redid the textures in hd and made the games flow from one to the other and full uncompressed orchestrated music then i think a single dvd may be limiting.

Just taking them the way they were would fit on a dvd, that much is certain. I think the shenmue fans would want a little bit more than that.

jetlian2969d ago

is better now than before and only so much can be updated before you have to redo the whole thing. Either way I would get it. got 2 copies of 1 and 2 plus the 2 disc CDS

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

If it's the Shenmue name used to sell a weak game, no. If it's on par with the previous, in a heart beat.

mastiffchild2969d ago

Same as that, fishy, sadly I see issues with that, though. Everyone who got to play the first two and stuck with them really got hooked(in my experience that's the case anyway)but would a Shenmue game, made with the same kind of content and the same pacing work today?

I'm not so sure. When you play an older GTA today it feels slow and stilted and imagine just how slow a Shenmue would seem to someone who NEVER played one of the first two games!? They would, mainly, find it way too slow and a bit dull as a result and because of that likely outcome I reckon a new Shenmnue couldn't be exactly like the ones in our memories, not now.

There was always a joy in the everyday, the mundane in Shenmue and when you think what the internets thought of doing simple things even in a scripted/guided game like HR it makes you wonder just how much Shenmue would have to up the ante and quicken the pace-I don't see forklift minigames flying anymore. IDK I just think a new Shenmue would have to be different if it wanted to attract gamers beyond us old school fans as open world/sandbox gaming has moved a long way since back then.

Redempteur2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

These are valid complains ...but a remake is quite possible with today technology.

i fail to see how hard it would be if they use the same engine they have for yakuza games .. ( semi open, good for fighting, quest and QTEs , several locations ).

At this point i think fans just want ... THE REST OF THE STORY !!!!!

jfinesse2969d ago

Ditto. The problem is that Sega saw weak sales of the first two as a sign that the market wouldn't accept the series. Add to it that the GTA inspired open world that western gamers have taken to may not let them fully appreciate the more methodical pacing of the game. The Halo/Call of Duty crowd wants instant gratification not a slower more narrative based story...Sega also needs to release the ne Yakuza game without cutting any parts from it. I love that series and I even bought Kenzan.

Cloudberry2969d ago

After I played 1 & 2 that is...

xino2969d ago

we were waiting forever for Duke Nukem forever, now the game is coming out!

so what about Shenmue?:/

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