Fable III: How to turn your character into Link from The Legend of Zelda

GamesRadar: "One thing I was very impressed with though, was the speed and versatility of Fable III's new walk-in wardrobe costume designing mechanic. It's far quicker, easier and friendlier than Fable II's old menu system, and you can create some cracking garb with it in close to no time at all. Early on, I decided to test drive its versatility, and inspired by a certain pyjama-based outfit with a hat which I suspect must have been included to tempt me to do exactly the following, I thought I'd see how quickly I could turn my hero into Link from The Legend of Zelda. Within a few seconds, as it turns out. Prepare to see just how good an HD Zelda could look..."

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THE MAX SPEED 212967d ago

Neet. Would look even better with hair.

masterofpwnage2967d ago

fabl3 looks so much better then fable 2, i love it.

off topic

woo go giants
1-0 world series

tunaks12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Prepare to see just how good an HD Zelda could look"
eeh no thanks, ill stick to TP

on a side note when is this out on pc

hazelamy2966d ago

shame there are no shields to complete the outfit.

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