New Dragon Age II Rise to Power Gameplay Trailer

BioWare has unleashed a new gameplay trailer for Dragon Age II. You can clearly see that BioWare has done a hell of a job overhauling the graphics engine. Dragon Age II is looking like the RPG to beat in 2011.

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pedrami912975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Might be worth buying. But i wonder, do i have to play the first one in order understand this one ?

Blacktric2975d ago

Yep. You SHOULD play it if you want to "fully" understand the game's plot.

wedgie2975d ago

You don't have to play the first one I would imagine, but you are robbing yourself of a great gaming experience if you don't. Its a fantastic game

kratos1232975d ago

wow look at those graphics bioware has kept there word and deliverd.
didnt know what to expect from this game but after this trailer its a must have

Chris3992975d ago

but I'm sure that they've cleaned up the engine on consoles too.

soundslike2975d ago

word is that its designed on consoles and ported to pc this time

Baka-akaB2975d ago

no one ever said something even remotely like that

Nihilism2975d ago

lol, no games are are 'designed on consoles', games are always designed on PC's and the resources for all games, even the worst ports, are scaled down for consoles, rather than scaled up for PC.

I love lamp


TheGameFoxJTV2974d ago

Could possibly be correct. I remember some gameplay leaking out a while ago and the overhead camera was gone and it looked like it played like a hack and slash. Though, that may have been the console version. If I find the vid I'll link it.

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plb2975d ago

Er seriously doubt that

TheGameFoxJTV2974d ago

Found the video. This is why I think DA2 will suck. Looks like an Hack n Slash game.

soundslike2975d ago

Now lets hope they don't forget the RPG part of RPG like they did with Gears Effect 2

Neckbear2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

They actually were talking about dumbing down this one, too, for the sake of their oh-so-dear mentally challenged customers.

PS: Bioware, I didn't finish Dragon Age not because it was too RPG-ish for me, but because IT WAS HELL OF A BORING AND UNINSPIRING RIDE.


Fair enough, but for what I played, I couldn't stand it anymore. Guess it just didn't click on me like it did on other people.

Ah, who am I kidding, I'll try to see if I finally beat it sometime. I think I'm halfway through it on a PC save, but bah, I'll buy the dumbed down console edition with all the DLC.

OneSneakyMofo2975d ago

It's okay, you just missed one of the best RPGs of this gen.

I don't want to play Dragon Age: Hack-and-Slash edition, Bioware.

Blacktric2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Another one that thinks RPG games have to include heavy cliche mechanics. Nice. Choices makes a game RPG. Not just d20 rules and turn based combat. And there is not one other game that let's you carry your choices over to the second and third games like Mass Effect.

Neckbear2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Silly. RPGs are based on Pen and Paper RPGs, wich didn't had any of this deep storyline or dialog tree bullshit. All they did was being dungeon crawlers, the purest form of an RPG, and the only choices you could find there were:

-Run away from monster that will kill you, or
-Attempt to kill monster that will kill you.

So, in other words, your statement of "Choices makes a game RPG" is nothing but false.

Now, Gears Effect 2 was A SHOOTER with RPG ELEMENTS and a TACKED-ON DATING SIMULATOR. That is all, but it doesn't means it wasn't enjoyable. It just wasn't an RPG.

Let us not forget that of the greatest RPGs barely had choices or dialog trees.

soundslike2975d ago

Having loads of spells and tactics while being able to just run up in a real-time and hit them all without using your groups individual roles is a waste of this games potential. Furthermore there are a million other games you can get that type of gameplay from, pause and play has always been a huge part of what made bioware combat interesting and separated it from its peers. Games that sacrifice what makes them unique end up losing replay value and any sort of respect, just look at the new Front Mission for a blatant example of failure in this mindset of appealing to the "everyman".

The Lazy One2975d ago

@" the purest form of an RPG, and the only choices you could find there were:

-Run away from monster that will kill you, or
-Attempt to kill monster that will kill you. "

you never played any good pen and paper RPGs then. There were very significant choices in a lot of them. The choices were a hell of a lot more interesting than the combat ever was.

They were far more about character building anyway.

Baka-akaB2975d ago

i second the Lazy One .

Dont lecture people on "true rpgs" and "pen and paper rpg" , when the way you describe it doesnt seems like you got much experience of it .

D&D was about freedom and creativity under the duress of two things : the DM and the world's own set of rules .

As for dragon age 1 and 2 ..
Keeping an outdated fighting mechanics , that was a rip off their own previous work in neverwinter and the baldur's D&D game , and at odds with current modern techniques , isnt what will warrant it being a great rpg .

Bioware actually understood that . They never said anything about dumbing it down . DA wasnt even hard , and people could easily "hack and slash" through it with standard warriors or the cheap mages and the appropriate assists from your team .

The witcher also had a far simpler control schemes , are you going to call that one an hack and slash too ? When everyone who actually touched it , would agree its leaps above and beyond in quality ?

All the naysayers and harbringers of doom need to remember how Dragon age was first unviled quite a few times .
At first most videos too , focused on highly stylised hack and slash action , hardly gameplay from controlling the whole party .

Hell even the first trailers and ads were mostly that ... duncan and the hero slashing darkspawns back and forth , with some marilyn manson in the back ( not the best taste then) .

The rest is weither or not , given their track record , we are willing to trust Bioware .
I easily do .

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Simon_Brezhnev2975d ago

Dragon Age 2 will be good but The Witcher 2 will blow this out the water. Seems like they even took some of the The Witcher gameplay.

TroyAndAbed2975d ago

Exactly. The Witcher 2 is going to own!

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