Eurogamer Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Eurogamer writes:

"Say this for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II: there is no pull-the-Star-Destroyer-out-of -the-sky moment. The original game got a bum rap because of that Sisyphean boss fight and other missteps like it, not to mention an abundance of small technical glitches. The sequel was supposed to learn from those mistakes. And it does, somewhat.

Sadly, this follow-up fails to learn from the things that made its predecessor great in spite of the flaws. Star Wars has been called both a space western and a space opera, and in The Force Unleashed, writer/producer Haden Blackman managed to capture both sensibilities in one crackling game. Starkiller was the ultimate gunslinger, riding into town and taking names (even the ones unpronounceable by human tongues). Yet he also played the central part in an epic tale of Wagnerian proportions, one that brought depth to the pre-Luke portion of the Star Wars timeline – more so than George Lucas' prequels did. "

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Blaze9292971d ago

wow. I must say even for this game, that score is surprising. The demo wasn't amazing or anything but sheesh.

ico922971d ago

mind you the 1st game wasn't anything special, repetitive with a few gimmicks,

looking at it when you compare Star Wars to other game adaptions of films and tv shows it has gotten a far better treatment than all of them, KOTOR and Rogue Squadron are games that i would consider the best ever, hopefully Bioware will revive KOTOR

saint_john_paul_ii2971d ago

you didnt play the first game, didnt you...

carreirabr2971d ago

Starwars franchise looks dead nowadays.

Time to retire Mr. Lucas.

Fishy Fingers2971d ago

Did Lucas even have anything to do with it? Other than approve and take his cut of course.

Pennywise2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The milk is sour. Expiration date is past... Time to think of something new George.

You have already ruined the series... lets quit making it worse.

@Fishy - He might not have been directly involved, but letting people use your IP for cash just ruins the entire name.

BlackTar1872971d ago

Im my best reviewer but i have no time. I have Fallout NV,Castlevania,this game,SAW2 and then COD Black Ops. So little time.

KUV19772971d ago

How'd they manage to do that? I really liked the first game and with some small improvements and a decent story the game would have been a no-brainer for me, but 5-6h? Really? Lame story? Why?

joydestroy2971d ago

ouch. it's getting bad reviews thus far. at this point i hope my friend buys it off me used for $30. he may change his mind

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