Call of Duty: Black Ops, The Unknowns of Dedicated Servers

With only 2 weeks remaining until the release of Black Ops, the majority of PC clans are hoping for some news about the dedicated servers they orded weeks, or even months back. No new information has been realeased about dedicated servers recently and it has been causing concern in the PC community.

What do server administrators plan to implement and use as a gametype structure to ensure extended playing and repeat players?

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kdogdaddy2970d ago

With the advent of Dedicated Servers, PC gamers can rejoice at the return to functionality and editability that has been lacking for far too long.

R-Con for the win!

Losi2970d ago

Everyone's gonna be trying to get their server populated ASAP...hope GameServers wont have any major issues at launch.

scar202970d ago

Yo pc gamers do you guys have to deal with this crap.