Fable III: Infinite Money/Gold/Gift Glitch

Similar to Fallout: New Vegas’ Infinite Bottle Cap Glitch, Lionhead’s Fable III also has a glitch that allows player to exploit an infinite amount of gold through the game.

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MightyMark4272972d ago

it gets boring when u have a lot of money

StanLee2972d ago

Seems like a lot of trouble for nothing. Getting money isn't even difficult.

isa_scout2972d ago

i really enjoyed fable 2, but it had numerous glitches so im not really surprised this does too, having said that as long as their not game breaking glitches i think it's fine still looks fun as hell. after all no game is perfect

BlackBusterCritic2972d ago

Fable 2 was one of the glitchest games I've played. My wives DISAPPEARED and I got screwed over by the gamebreaking monk quest. Never got to see the end. <_<

PRHB HYBRiiD2972d ago

get rich or die glitching...

darkziosj2972d ago

is sad if someone use glitching to get money

shaun mcwayne2972d ago

it would be cool if it wasnt a glitch just another way to be evil

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