Is BioShock a Perfect Game?

The reviews have been coming in for a week now, and they have been phenomenal. Consider that according to, BioShock is the 4th best game of all time. On Metacritic, BioShock has received more perfect 100 scores than even The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, usually the game cited as the best of all time,. Clearly, 2K's Mature-rated, failed utopia FPS is a critical smash hit.

Perhaps then there is little need for another glowing review of the game. Except this is not a glowing review in the strictest sense, because BioShock is not exactly the masterpiece of perfection indicated by these scores. Instead, BioShock is a wonderful game that happens to draw to light the inadequacies of the way games are typically reviewed and the inherent inconsistencies of how games are judged.

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Fisher3394074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

"Paramount’s decision to go HD DVD exclusive has the best chance of ending this battle once-and-for-all."

um i have to disagree, I think the switch will prolong the war even more..

Personly IDK who wins. I dont have a HDTV, As a ps3 owner i guess i would want blu-ray to win. even if i blu-ray loses, I'll still have games to play that are as big as 50gb's

Edit: and by the time thing war is over, both players should be cheap

HateBoy4073d ago

yeh, where do they talk about hd-dvd? its about biocock, which is a great game, but not perfect...

heroman7114073d ago

dude someone fuced up our comments. i remember making this comment on another article titled something bout hddvd and blu ray. i swear i didnt post here

heroman7114074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

im guessing blu ray will win cause we are getting the better movies
simpsons movie ( fox )
superbad ( sony )
hot rod ( sony )
avp : requiem
pirates of the caribean
cars ( disney )
and there was a list of movies coming from fox and mgm. this defiantely wont provoke me to buy a hddvd player. btw blu ray outsells hddvd by like 2 to 1 so that is another major factor. but who knows but im guessing blu ray will win. cause hddvd made a 150 mil dollar deal, i think thats the only reason they went exclusive

Bolts4073d ago

Huh? This article isn't about HD-DVD...

heroman7114073d ago

dude i didnt post this here. they fuced up our comments

eXplotion4074d ago

"The New York Times has since reported that Paramount’s and DreamWorks Animation’s decision was driven by $150 million of financial incentives."

cloud3604073d ago

Most definatley not. Its an FPS after all....

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The story is too old to be commented.