FileFront: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

FileFront: "If the first Force Unleashed was A New Hope, a game that captured the spirit of the Star Wars saga, Force Unleashed 2 is no Empire Strikes Back. It’s much more akin to Attack of the Clones — boring, borderline incompetent, and completely out of touch with that which we love about the franchise."


* Visually stunning
* Reuses a lot of the fun elements of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
* Unlockable Challenges add some slight replay value, though not much


* Half-baked, barely complete, totally disappointing story
* Repetitive in every way possible — it even rips itself off
* Combat can be fun, but is mostly mediocre and gets old fast
* A short, very unsatisfying campaign
* Weak sound effects really undercut the power of The Force and action
* Zero memorable moments
* Barely a boss fight to speak of
* Contains perhaps the worst final battle in video game history
* Totally fails to live up to its...

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