Halo 3 Limited Edition Console and Controller Packaging Shown

As you can see the box art for the console is pretty sweet but even more sweeter is that you can get your very own little Master Chief to help you save the planet come September 25th if you pick yourself up a new LE Halo 3 controller.

Follow the link to see the photos.

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd4126d ago

i want that little master chief figure. it looks sweet

Skynetone4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

i want that little master chief figure too

but you can keep the special edition toaster

bill do you think we should include the game with this, let them suffer

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4126d ago

Somethings afoul here!? Perhaps Master Chief's up to no good making boot-leg 360's for his own personal gain. LOL :)

Daytona4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Obviously that's not the controller that comes in the special Halo 3 edition, that's just an OTC version. The special edition is that Army Green that they used, to be honest it looks good, but I'd rather seen the more original halo colors used. Master Chiefs grayish whatever or even white and that "neon purple" used. That would of been cool.

Awww, who says they wont release another color combo later when they start doing a special Xbox360 version pre packed w/Halo 3.

Hatchetforce4126d ago

But the Mjolnir armor isn't silver and gray.

jcgamer4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

the box is awesome...would have loved to see the box color, blueish / midnight black, with maybe the Halo symbol emblazoned on it, to be the color of the console... but that's just my opinion...instead of Exorcist pea soup green! but its Halo, and I love Halo...I won't be buying it, but I do want the BK meal (lol)...I'm cheap, I know...and hungry, i guess...oh, and the Spartan and Covenant controllers look real nice...definitely will get one of those

Goshyujin_Sama4126d ago

I read that this bundle dosent even come with the actual Halo 3 game, if thats true then this is just stupid.

Daytona4126d ago

as I said above, I'll bet after a brief release and just before xmas 07 that MS will release a prepacked combo of the two.

Fingers crossed anyways.

ThaGeNeCySt4126d ago

ewl that controller isn't appealing

kcdude4126d ago

At first I actually thought it was kind of cool but then I noticed the bottom of the controller, it looks white as if the Halo 3 graphic is just a sticker or something like that. I mean, it can't be a sticker but they could have at least made the whole controller blue and added more Halo 3 details. Also, the Master Chief figurine doesn't even look poseable. That sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.