GamesRadar: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Super Review

Undead Nightmare packs a surprisingly meaty, zombie-infested single-player experience that essentially reinvents the game, piles a fun four-player mode on top of that and sprinkles in a few hidden extras. The missions can get repetitive, but given that the asking price is $10, it’s hard to find serious fault with that – or with the package overall.

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FAGOL2970d ago

Downloading now!! Can't wait to play this!

kancerkid2969d ago

Looks like a very interesting addon. Horde mode sounds cool. I wonder if it takes place in towns so that you can bunk up in houses (doubt it).

Manac0R2969d ago

Totally awesome, the cut scenes are great. Had me chuckling along. Feels great popping zombies on expert mode. I just wish more people were on the multiplayer, I been hanging around waiting for a while on some occaisions. Sure that will change once more people have downloaded this amazing DLC.

Rockstar I salute you.

Ghost_Sparta2969d ago

Great post! Really cn't wait to play it!

Perjoss2969d ago

thanks for giving your opinion and not dropping any spoilers, downloading now, cant wait to play!

SeanScythe2969d ago

Pissed off they failed to include any type of free roam with zombie multiplayer.

J5Feedback2969d ago

Why do I feel like GamesRadar is one of the last websites that still gives a shit, and understand what people want in a review. Great review, can't wait to get it. Too bad Fable III is going to hold me back for a bit =D