Pachter: EA Take-Two Takeover Unlikely

In his latest note to investors, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has detailed his reasoning on why it's unlikely, as some have posited, that EA will make a bid for Take-Two, as well as expressed a lack of confidence in management and GTA IV's timely release.

"One of our competitors recently floated the idea that Take-Two would make an ideal candidate for acquisition by Electronic Arts," said Pachter, but adding that "we don't think this is at all likely," for a number of reasons.

First, he continued, was a matter of corporate culture. Between "open-ended delivery dates, artistic freedom, and incredibly violent games," as well as "several teams... that produce only one game every two years," and "games with sufficient sexual content and violence to receive AO ratings," the combination is "something that would not be tolerated at EA."

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Meus Renaissance3951d ago

I'm sick of this guys predictions. They're always wrong. I don't know whether to laugh or cry

jlytle12343951d ago

I agree hes a [email protected]$$. I havent even heard this rumor, but if there is any validity to it i hope EA stays out of buying up other companies. I'm already anticipating ubisoft to go to hell after EA aquired a large stake in that company.

donscrillinger3951d ago

man i'm glad that this will never happen .long live 2k

MK_Red3951d ago

Wow, now EA may actually buy Take-Two!

Vojkan3951d ago

There are only two companies that can buy Take TWo and those are Microsoft and Sony.

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