Xbox LIVE Fall Update release sometime November 1 - 3

There was a rumor floating around that the new Xbox LIVE System Update would arrive today. Alas that is obviously not true as Xbox 360's haven't been prompted to install any update. Now it's been revealed that we shouldn't expect it until November.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2791d ago

sdfsdf;kj.... DAMM! i was waiting for this todayy >:[

Queasy2791d ago

I honestly didn't expect it. Every place that I saw that mentioned the October 26 release date provided no source.

PRHB HYBRiiD2791d ago

me too i wanted to see a brand new clean white dashboard :/

Chuk52791d ago

This was engineered. God dammit MS, stop pushing the kinect influence on everything.

Queasy2791d ago

<blink> Engineered? How? MS has never mentioned a release date for the System Update beyond stating that it would be in time for Kinect's release.

This fall update is actually earlier than some of the previous ones that didn't come until December.

gillri2791d ago

had my beta for a month now, its awesome

Queasy2791d ago

ESPN 3 saved me when my DirecTV reception went out because of bad storm. Great for college football. Not so much for baseball or pro football though.

sinclaircrown2791d ago

Was using PlayOn to get this through my 360 for a while. Be glad to have it on the dashboard. College football and soccer goodness!

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