How to play/stream DIVX/AVI movies on your PS3

With the advent of Firmware Update 1.8, Sony has now given the opportunity to stream media from UPnP and DLNA enabled devices/servers. This is a very powerful tool and absolutely indispensable for any media center device in the household.

Prior to firmware update 1.8, users had to copy files one-by-one from storage devices to the Playstation 3, the worst part being that the video formats compatible were few and uncommon. Mp4 and MPEG-2 converters were the best tools available at the time.

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Reason4102d ago

My friend's PS3 found Azureus, which was running on his laptop. Still gets error messages, but if he finds a way to stream his downloaded movies, I guarantee he'll never buy a Blu-Ray disc or DVD ever again. Anyone know how to configure that app?

Darkiewonder4102d ago

That it makes my connection drops

Which sucks too.

So I have to do it the HARD Way ;(

Bathyj4102d ago

Nero 7 works fine but I dont want to stream. I want to play directly off a external HD. Anyone got Linux on. Can you install players and run .avi's on linux?

crck4102d ago

I used this guide to install vlc in linux. I've only come across maybe 2 files that wouldn't play right out of maybe 100 tried. It works pretty good but there is screen tearing during fast action scenes.

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