Not Happening: Apple Not Going To Buy Sony, EA Or Anybody For That Matter

The latest BusinessInsider article has put those claims to rest once and for all: “Most mergers destroy value, and Jobs is acutely aware of it.” Sorry gamers it’s not happening anytime soon.

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pedrami912944d ago

But im still waiting for official words from Sony, trying to brace for the worst.

InfectedDK2943d ago

I lol'ed so hard when an article said Apple is gonna buy SONY n Disney n all the companiiz! LOL.

AAACE52943d ago

If Sony had to be purchased by companies interested in them and there happened to only be 2. Which one would you be ok with?

The potential buyers would be Apple or Microsoft!

Which one would you tolerate more?

Dr-ZOOM2943d ago

The sky is blue
The grass is green
The sh1t is brown...

BattleAxe2943d ago

The Apple buying up a large company Rumor was started by an Apple fanboy website anyway.

frankymv2944d ago

We'll see what happens. They may do nothing at all or they may make several smaller acquisitions.

SmokexFFx2943d ago

Water is not wet, your crazy.

dirthurts2943d ago

There is such a thing as dry water...


But back on topic.
Yeah it's obvious Apple isn't going to buy Sony. Why would sony even allow that? They would be crazy.

ryuzu2943d ago

True - is water wet, or does it make other things wet?

Anyway, where were we?


XactGamer2944d ago

Apple as rich as they are are not going to buy somthing they could lose money on.

All_4_One2943d ago

Who the hell even started this rumor? Freakin` dumb.

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The story is too old to be commented.