Big possibilities - Possible PS3 "Killer app"

The major industry-wide trend evident at last week's Leipzig Games Convention was the push to let gamers be creative. And no game better epitomizes the exciting move towards user-generated fun than PS3's LittleBigPlanet, due for release mid-next year.

The demo was so enjoyable and exciting that despite a packed schedule, Screen Play actually returned later in the day to see it all again. For a console still searching for a "killer app", this wonderful, hilarious little plaything could indeed be it.

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sak5004127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

"And no game better epitomizes the exciting move towards user-generated fun than PS3's LittleBigPlanet, due for release mid-next year
"For a console still searching for a "killer app", this wonderful, hilarious little plaything could indeed be it. "

So they mean to say that we should wait atleast 10 months? (4 months 2007, 6 months 2008). No thanks, I think i'll pass on ps3 for sometime now.

Figboy4127d ago

the game gets a PSN release sometime this fall, according to Phil Harrison.

the Blu Ray disc release of Little Big Planet is supposed to be sometime next spring, and will be a sort of "best of" compilation of the best user-generated content, but the actual level editor/demo/game, will available *THIS YEAR, in just a few short months (i'm expecting a November 2007 PSN release date).

reaferfore204127d ago

Do you have a link to the source of the release date? All I've heard is next year.

Maddens Raiders4127d ago

Damn sak, really dude, you live in a cold, lonely, dark and gloomy world.

It's so warm and comfortable here in PlayStation land. =P

Figboy4126d ago

i haven't seen a release date, just the four or five interviews Phil Harrison has done since the game was revealed back in March, where he states, repeatedly, that there will be a fall, PSN release of the title, and a spring 2008, Blu Ray release.

i think even one of the developers in one of the walkthrough vids talks about the PSN release this fall being a "demo/game," where all the elements are there (level editing, platforming, enemies, etc), so the community can build itself by the time the Blu Ray release hits (which is still slated to be a "best of" compilation).

that's all i have to go on. just about every major site that has been covering Little Big Planet has some links to interviews and videos. check a few of those out, and they'll talk about a release. but no, no definitive release date has been revealed as far as i know.

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FirstknighT4127d ago

Lil Big Planet looks like alot of fun.....if I was a 12 year old lil girl.

SmokeyMcBear4127d ago

not the 16 yr boy sittin in the closet that you are

heroman7114127d ago

says the 20 year old who lives in his moms basement

cr33ping_death4127d ago

lol priceless blunt....bubble for you sir. lol

Staircase4127d ago

I usually respect people's opinions, but I'm gonna skip that step today. Obviously you've read nothing about this game... it isn't just a platformer, it is a tool for users to create beautiful worlds that work great and feel great. If you knew much about the game, you would realize that this game is targeted at a much older audience. You won't see many 12 year old girls playing this game.

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Anything but Cute4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

But for some reason a lot of people are like WOW... Little Big Planet, it's even won a few Game of the Shows from E3.

So while I don't get it, some people think it's badass. I just hope it gets the attention of the casual crowd. Those 12 year old girls they talked about

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4127d ago

i thought the ps3 was for hardcore gamers with hardcore games (lair, KZ2, heavenly sword, etc) but it turns out that the best game the machine has to offer is a kiddie looking game with no boobs or guns or gore?

ill still try out the game to see what all the fuz is about. who knows, maybe ill enjoy it

Greysturm4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

It offers distinctive gaming posibilities from hardcore (all the games you mentioned) to casual (singstar, lbp, buzz and every other psn release).

The 360 is considered the hardcore console because even though it is better priced the game releases are not that casual with the exception of rare titles like viva piñata, even most of the xbla is more hardcore than casual. The wii is the casual party game extraodinaire no explanation needed just look at its sales and library. The only contradictory point is that the playstation is the most expensive of the three.

beavis4play4127d ago

what about classic nintendo games like the mario games? or zelda. no graphic violence,nudity,guns or blood. games don't have to be adult rated to be hardcore. i like gears, killzone and resistance but i also like ratchet and clank and jak and daxter.

doomsonyman4127d ago

i thought you were already a 12 year old girl. laugh out loud, but like i've always been saying the ps3 has too many great games coming out this year. where the hell am i gonna get the money to buy them all

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