Kinect’s Not Spying On you. Honest!

Kinect’s sensors are active as long as the Xbox itself is switched on. Waving at, or speaking to the device act as inputs. The tinfoil-hat brigade are busy wringing their hands wondering if the internet-connected, camera-based system allows “THE MAN” to spy on people at will.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says that’s not the case. Of course, the particularly paranoid won’t believe him anyway.

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pedrami912890d ago

Microsoft is watching you master bate.

PRHB HYBRiiD2890d ago

lmao can u imagine and then kinect uploads it into your facebook account lololol

SSKILLZ2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Lololololololollololo....* Heart attack* ________ (and kinect tags your video to xD)

GodsHand2890d ago

Is this how HAL 9000, got started.

ElementX2890d ago

I wanna work for Microsoft!

creeping judas2890d ago

Everytime I turn on my PS3, the PS3 Eye LED light turns blue, so I know it's on. Even when I'm watching Netflix. And I was wondering the other night if someone could access that stream?

plb2890d ago

You could just unplug it if you wanted?

no_more_trolling2890d ago

maybe he is fat and lazy
and cant bother to get up

maxcer2890d ago

lol i guess a 360 is out of the question for him

no_more_trolling2890d ago

ps3 too
the last time i checked you have to get up to insert a game
or maybe u are typing from the future

creeping judas2889d ago

I prefer over weight, and activity challenged. And yes when ever I have to change games on the ps3, 360 or Wii I am forced to get up. The only exercise I get at home after a hard day at work

GodsHand2890d ago

Or point the lens to something like a wall, that's what I do when I don't use it.

Redempteur2890d ago

Blue is when it's on ( because there is also 4 mics in the eye)
RED is when the camera is actively bringing images to the console.

i don't believe there a video stream unless the red led is ON

jack_burt0n2889d ago

but with move stuff it goes red to tell u it cant see the controller.

Redempteur2889d ago

MOve mode is another mode.

Move mode is ON only with games/programs ATM.

that's why you can't point with the MOVe on the internet broswer .

Mnemonic-DK2889d ago

I thought the blue light is only a power indicator, while the red light is on while the camera is active, like the tally light on a real camera?

Of course, to the paranoid, there are ways to circumvent this...

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GoldPS32890d ago

Hide your kids, hid your wife, and hide your husband becuz Kinect is spying on everybody out here.

Boink2890d ago

then someone is going to be watching a lot of videos of me sitting in my underwear playing halo reach...

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The story is too old to be commented.