Gamesradar: Review of Fable 3

When you first start playing Fable III, you’ll be forgiven for suspecting that Peter Molyneux has finally gone mad. Throughout Lionhead's action RPG sequel, you’ll be bombarded with design decisions which seem to have been made just for the sake of changing something, or even worse, simply for the sake of being quirky. It will all feel very odd. But give it time. Stop thinking about why things are the way they are. Accept them and just get on with it.

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Acquiescence2855d ago

Yeah, I like GamesRadar overall. More for the features though. I tend not to take heed of their reviews too often.

visualb2855d ago

completely inconsistent and random. too immature-a-site to trust

they are more of a joke site, like badjoystick and destructoid

dkgshiz2855d ago

They gave Quake Wars a 9/10. Remember this website used to be

killershadow1172855d ago

Ah, but that was such a long time ago. Good times

seinfan2855d ago

Nostalgic moment! I used to use that site for my Gameboy Color and N64. That was like a decade ago!

tacosRcool2855d ago

Gamesradar is one of the few sites I trust for reviews.

We'll see how it plays

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Dread2855d ago

cant wait to play this tonight!!!!!!!

cygnuszero22855d ago

inb4 the sony defense force

AssassinHD2855d ago

Congrats on being the first person in the comment section to make this about a console war.

Chuk52855d ago

Freeze! Let's just keep it there, no flame war needed.

dkgshiz2855d ago

But you had to poke into the subject didn't you?

Dazel2855d ago

You gotta love PM....