Xbox 360 Kinect Box Art Warns of ‘Activity Level’

While the unique packaging design of the forthcoming Xbox 360 Kinect software had been revealed some months ago, a couple of surprises are still notable on the box art design. Along with there seemingly being little notation of how many players can enjoy each game simultaneously on a single system, the forthcoming Kinect titles also offer a suggestion as to the ‘activity level’ of each software product.

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jaredhart2944d ago

Not really too big a deal.

pixelsword2943d ago

They have to give warnings lest they be sued if little Billy cold-cocks Jessica.

lol, cold-cocks.

Orionsangel2943d ago

Do not play Kinect near family members. Make sure family members are at least 10 feet away. Injury may occur.

doG_beLIEfs2943d ago

In many times is this going to happen for real?

Not quite to that level of course but a stray hand or foot is bound to do some serious damage to a child at some point.

scar202943d ago

Man i love that movie Don't be a menace.

NickX2943d ago

What kind of a comment is hehe? Speak English and stop mumbling like a retard.

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