Gamasutra Interview: Microsoft's Spencer On Kinect, The Core And Pre-Launch Anticipation

Gamasutra: Now that Kinect is coming out,‭ ‬you guys are obviously putting a lot of your resources behind it.‭ ‬Where exactly do the priorities of Microsoft Game Studios lie right now‭? How much focus is on the Kinect and ‬more casual games compared to the hardcore games like Halo or Gears of War‭?

Phil Spencer: Well,‭ ‬I’m very proud with how Halo Reach has done in the market.‭ ‬That was a long undertaking.‭ ‬We worked with Bungie really hard to make that game be what it is,‭ ‬and it’s nice to see the review scores and the consumers have definitely showed up,‭ ‬which is nice.‭ ‬And Fable is shipping [this] week,‭ ‬another one of our core franchises.

The core has been core to our success from the beginning.‭ ‬We get that.‭ ‬It wasn’t by accident.‭ ‬And when I think about how we can continue to evolve our platform,‭ ‬adoption by the core of our new technologies is really important to us.‭

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