VidZone Serves Half a Billion Music Videos via PlayStation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has today revealed that VidZone, the free online music streaming service for PlayStation 3, has delivered more than half a billion music video streams in just over a year since the launch of its service on PlayStation 3. More than 3.7 million fans have viewed music on the service and VidZone has delivered in excess of 3 billion ad impressions.

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Hardbladestone2856d ago

When will we get something like this in NA

ryuzu2856d ago

This reminds me of what it was like when MTV played music vids.

Shame that the US has to jump through hoops to get this working though since it is a very nice service.


himdeel2856d ago

...and agree. I also wish I could access this via NA by just logging on to my EU account.

knifefight2856d ago

Remember when there was a channel on TV that used to show them? Then they gradually just kinda like...phased them out? That sucked :(

Errod882856d ago

MTV is so crap these days i hardly see any music video play on MTV.
why is it still called Music Television still..

D4RkNIKON2856d ago

How do you jump through hoops to get this to work in the states? I have a european PSN account and I have downloaded the app but it is region locked and wont work..

Solidus187-SCMilk2856d ago

I was going to say, that is a bout a half billion more music videos than MTV has shown in the last year.

insomnium2856d ago

Will certain people now say that the PS3 is nothing but a music video player? Do I even dare to ask?

ryuzu2856d ago


I don't know if this works anymore with the various firmware updates, but the only way to sidestep the geolocking is to have a server running somewhere in Europe and connect your PS3 via VPN to that server.

It's a tedious process...


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zeddy2856d ago

this is strange because i never can find the videos i want. its all pop and hip hop.

TreMillz2856d ago

Sony/Columbia has many good artist, they cant put up their artist videos?

unrealgamer582856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I Wish this comes to north america soon.

Question: If anyone has the service can you tell me If they have any old school hip hop (None of that soulja boy wocka flocka flame lilwayne)


Thanks, Bubbles.

ice_prophecy2856d ago

Yes there is.

was listening to bone thugs.

plb2856d ago

I wish PS3 would just get a native youtube app

djreplay2856d ago

They have a bit of dre, snoop and of course the classic regulate by nate dogg

Vip3r2856d ago

Just use youtube on the web browser. Much better choice tbh.

Nicaragua2856d ago

errrr no.

Vidzone is infinitely better for music than youtube on the PS3 browser. Im guessing you dont have it or you would know that.

Vip3r2856d ago

Errr yes.

I do have it and I prefer youtube. More songs and easier to find music.

Razmossis2856d ago

when it has the video you want. Much better quality

But if you want to listen to some Faith No More, Dillinger Escape Plan, Paramore, or The Dresden Dolls.. you have to resort to youtube

nikoado2856d ago

The problem with youtube is that sometimes videos get removed/muted because of copyright.

Can be quite annoying sometimes...

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The story is too old to be commented.