PSPgo price cut "too meagre, too late"

Sony will slash the price of the disc-less PSPgo on 1st November by £65, but analysts are doubtful the move will reverse the embattled console's fortunes.

The PSPgo currently has an RRP of £225 in the UK. From 1st November it'll go for £159.99. The download-only handheld has also seen a price cut in Japan (now ¥16,800) and in the US (now $199).

"Sony's fifty US dollar price cut on the PSPgo is too meagre and too late," M2 Research's Billy Pidgeon told Eurogamer.

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ryuzu2971d ago

I like the Go - in fact I think I prefer it to the Phat version since it's a bit smaller, easier to carry around (unless you've hacked your phat and put games on the stick rather than UMDs) and I even like the download game service.

But Sony really screwed up the positioning (as they often seem to do). They never really got behind the Go and the download concept - they tried to have both the Phat and Go running parallel. That clearly hasn't worked.

In retrospect, they should have really swung behind the go and ensured that UMDs were more expensive than the download counterparts or even phased UMD games out. They should have made/insisted that all UMD games be provided for download and then hit realistic price points commensurate with the UMD prices in stores.

Finally they needed to get games stores' support by offering boxed download codes/cards that could be purchased in store just like a game so that the stores have some incentive to sell the Go.

The Go concept is sound - particularly in the post iPhone/Touch/iPad App store world - but Sony haven't capitalized on it and are being passed once again by the competition.