Rip-off: More DLC Announced for Rock Band 3 Before Release

"Seriously, why the hell is this okay? Why are we getting news almost daily about downloadable content that will be available almost right after the game is released? Could it be to completely rip off gamers?I wouldn't buy a car if the dealership told me that the brakes will be available for an extra charge a week after I buy it. Harmonix might brag about a big library of music on the Rock Band store, but that's mostly because they're just screwing us over and leaving it off the disc. BTW, below is the press release about John Lennon DLC that you can pay out of the a** for."

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GunShotEddy2968d ago

Just donT but it then. Don't act like its a ripp-off

vgn242968d ago

I disagree. DLC has gotten way out of hand. It was supposed to prolong the life of games and retain value. Instead, companies like EA (and their partners) milk the f****ing sh*t out of us daily by nickle and diming us.

ThatsGaming2968d ago

I don't agree with the arguement in this particular case. When you buy a car there is often things that you could buy afterwards. Better tires, new stereos, seat covers, spoilers, etc. The car comes complete to drive, but more can be added if you choose.

What irks me is when things are incomplete. I bought a vehicle last year, that came with tires rated for only 20,000 kilometres. When I went to buy new tires (only a year after the vehicle was bought) I found out they are a special size and it would cost me $1,000. to me that is incomplete. The warranty wasn't even close to being up and I had to invest in the vehicle outside of oil changes.

With Rock Band 3 it ships with 90 songs... What's wrong with that? And the new DLC isn't adding anymore features. So it's not like they are shipping an incomplete game. That will give many hundreds of hours of replayability.

These rythm games have to pay royalties to the music owners as well. 90 songs, and a full game that probably took 50-150 people two years to create for $60 is not a rip off.

SmokexFFx2968d ago

If their is room on the disk and the idea was thought during the developement phase then it should be on the main disk, not held until later to make a profit.

BrutallyBlunt2968d ago

With Rock Band 3 we need to compare previous Rock Band games and even Guitar Hero games to see how many tracks included is appropriate or not. It costs money to secure these songs.

If we start to see future Rock Band games come out with fewer songs included then we know they are taking advantage of the consumer. Of course this is not a perfect way of doing it since The Beatles did not have as many songs but then again, it's the ******* Beatles!

I do agree that some games feel a bit short-changed now with DLC being so dominant. We also never know if that DLC should have been included or not because even if it's released months later we have no idea if it just sat there. This is why it's up to the consumer to decide the overall value. That could be hard at times and it is why many rely on reviews.

VG_Releaser2968d ago

Rut Row. Someone's gonna get in hot water for speaking the truth about Harmonix, MTV, and EA. Hope he knows he'll probably get fired.

charlescox42968d ago

Believe it or not, not everyone bows down to game publishers. There are still some honest opinions. Who ever got fired for an honest opinion? Unless you count NPR, GameSpot, IGN, Fox News....

Nevermind. You're probably right.

spunnups2968d ago

Every company on the planet practices this disgusting act. Don't buy the game for $60 and definitely don't buy the DLC. But on the other hand, if you don't support the company, they will continue to hold content back. It's a lose/lose situation for us gamers.

kennykramer2968d ago

It will continue until consumers really to act.

Storage2968d ago

I don't see what the problem is. The game probably finished development a while ago and while it was being manufacted the made dlc. Did you expect them to sit on their asses amd do nothing.

charlescox42968d ago

So they start pressing discs and were like, "Oh no!, we totally could have put this on there!" So decided just after?

WTF? You should work for their marketing department if you believe that BS.

NexGen2968d ago

Maybe the licensing agreement for these songs was for dlc only? Maybe licensing was obtained quite recently (and could not be added to the disc)? Maybe they're trying to get more money from us?

Who knows - any of those situations could be true.

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