Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Demo Gameplay Video

Here is a first gameplay video from the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo.

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crematory2885d ago

but why racer not using their nitros!!

NothingToGainButLove2884d ago

LOL! Its looking great so far, CANT WAIT!

StanLee2884d ago

Don't know but the game wasn't looking as good as we were lead to believe.

Raendom2884d ago

Love the music, so damn dramatic.

morkendo232884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

im not impress one bit. it dooooo not have HOTPURSUIT 2 feeling... blackbox studio PLEASE!!!!! take nfs back and make HP3

Ghost_Sparta2884d ago

No! I´m very impressed! I love both NFS games and Burnout! I'm really just curious and excited about this game!

zackacloud2884d ago

amazing Police cars it the only thing that would make me love it

there no quality on cars if u notice it

subra ( blue car ) was horible it only 3D

subzero-082884d ago

Can't wait to try this demo out for myself tonight...

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