Why Enslaved Has Ruined All Other Games

Play mag takes a look at the effect Enslaved’s characterisation has had on its perception of other recent titles.

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MorganX2968d ago

Couldn't agree more. I was about a quarter of the way through Castlevania when I bought Enslaved. Haven't returned to Castlevania since. I have two chapters to go and don't want the game to end.

Castlevania is excellent and I will return to it. But Enslaved is a special game. Eagerly awaiting any DLC. I'll definitely play through again, probably on easy to clean up the rest of the achievements. Looks like I'll finish normal with 65% of them.

Might be the only way I defeat the Rhino without getting hit and rescue Trip from the Rhino and Dog in 35 seconds or less.

Dread2968d ago

After reading this article i will probably buy enslaved.

the author raised some very interesting points. However, just like in the movies, there is always room for cheesy acting and b-movie type scripts in video games.

Game-ur2968d ago

The opposite for me, I struggled to finish Enslaved, hardly any plot, just sop opera.

himdeel2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

...some games just grab you in a way that makes you appreciate others games a little bit less. Likewise it feels good to be a gamer whenever this happens for you. It's happened to me several times over my lifetime and feels just as nice whenever a game takes me there. When that stops happening it time to put down the controller :)

bnaked2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


Uncharted 2 has ruined all other games including Enslaved! Uncharted 2 is one of the best games of all time, probably the most perfect one! The quality is outstanding! Enslaved is just one of the better multiplatform games, nothing special, metacritic score: 79

AKS2968d ago

What's the correlation between metacritic scores and the very specific components of storytelling in Enslaved that the author is discussing? There are plenty of games with horrible writing and storytelling that receive very high metacritic scores. Your post also reads like you feel like you need to defend the PS3 or Uncharted 2 for reasons unknown to me.

bnaked2968d ago

Sorry, I havn't read the article, just the topic..

Usually i read the whole article, but i really thought it's about the "superiority" of Enslaved and I thought that's a bit exaggerated..

Mastodon2968d ago

I don't get the comparison Enslaved's characters are far deeper than Uncharted's.

mastiffchild2968d ago

IDK, I think that NT made a better all round package with Heavenly Sword myself. Sure, it was a little short but the balance between gameplay and story was a lot more even than in Enslaved and the game benefited as a result. The combat and game play in HS was just a lot, lot deeper and more rewarding than the guided platforming and shallow fighting of Enslaved.

HS was an underrated game that came too early in PS3 lifetime to get the sales it should have gathered for it's quality while Enslaved is a good looking multiplatform game with a brave emphasis on the story side of things which, sadly, isn't matched by it's game play. It's the perfect ad for why a game needs BOTH to sell these days. The story, though massively important to me personally, is only really affecting and effective the first time round and putting so much into that basket without the safety net of MP(on or offline)or even the score attack thinking of vanquish means that the rep[lay value of Enslaved was always likely to be an issue for many gamers. Allied to pretty shallow game play mechanics there just isn't much beyond the good looks and the story to keep you playing esp after your first run through.

So, to me, NT chose a very difficult route to navigate safely-they hoped to sell a game based entirely around it's SP and it's story and without a big name to support the IP it was always a risky move. Then when you think of the quality of games in similar genres this year(and right now in a few cases)it becomes clear that to succeed with their plan NT needed to make the SP of their game perfection itself and it's FAR from,being that even if it's taken a great source to crib from. It's a great effort and in richer times people might have been more supportive but when Vanquish is getting attacked for being too short and having no MP even while it's got tons of other incentives to replay then Enslaved, (without score attack modes or much room for speed runs etc)was also going to lose out.

It's a shame that they sold so few but I haven't (and I liked the demo pretty well even if it wasn't very punishing or challenging to pick up)bought it yet mainly because I look into the value of games right now with money being a little tighter than usual. It's sad that I don't feel I can always support the things I often like best in gaming(like a developer bravely pushing their storytelling or mo-capped animations for facial stuff and so on-the stuff NT did for HS is still among the best ever in this field for my money)but when I really think NT have moved backwards since their last game I don't feel TOO bad and just think NT bit off a bit more than they could chew and guaged the market a bit incorrectly. 80,000 sales, though? Makes me think they deserve a little more than that and esp from those gamers who don't do online MP and complain about the lack of deep storylines in gaming-where are all of them right now? All playing C'vania?

I WILL pick it up one day and even if it's at a reduced price can still show some support for NT putting story high on their priorities. For, me, though, it just doesn't do enough outside the story to merit rushing to buy bit near release.

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RankFTW2968d ago

I own both Enslaved and Castlevania and as good as Enslaved is I would still have to recommend Castlevania over it.

Dread2968d ago

yea i think that the author was impressed by the story and acting elements of enslaved more than the gameplay. In fact he did mention that the gameplay of castlevania was top notch.

Mastodon2968d ago

Enslaved's gameplay was fun, quick, and while the combat wasn't deep at all the story and characters honestly make it a nonissue. Anyone who complains about gameplay obviously hasn't ever played games before - I mean in games of the genre there is never innovation - Hell GoW has been using the same combo for 5 games now.

nycredude2968d ago


We get it you love the game. Doesn't change the fact that the gameplay is severely lacking in the game. I have both Castlevania and Enslaved, and while Enslaved story is interesting (base on a 400 year old book), the gameplay is way too easy! The game deserves IMO 7.5 - 8 but nothing more, and i completely disagree with the author that Enslaved ruins other games.

Enslaved would have made a better movie than a game.

Taggart4512968d ago

This game needs to sell more copies. 80,000 across two platforms? Come on people. It's great stuff. Please tell everyone you know to get it. Not because that means we get a sequel, but because it's an experience that everyone should have.

soundslike2968d ago

"it's an experience that everyone should have" for 20 dollars six months from now.

Acquiescence2968d ago

It's a bit short, but I found myself nodding in approval all the way. I'm becoming tired of games that deliver the tried-and-tested staples of video gaming convention time and time again. These days, stroy telling and deep characterisation are what grip me the most. It's why titles like Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Yakuza 3 and Enslaved have been my favourite games in recent times.

R6ex2968d ago

Story, but more importantly the chemistry between lead characters.

I feel Enslaved & Prince of Persia (with Elika) are all built around the same ideas.

trainsinrdr2968d ago

hey guys i wasnt planning on buying enslaved for its gameplay becasue honestly its old and boring but the graphics are amazing and apparently the story and characters are aswell so i will probably rent this somewhere down the line when its in the bargain bin xD

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