VideogameUK Review: Fable III (Xbox 360)

From the review:

"Fable’s story from its well respected roots to its third entity has taken many twists and turns. Lionhead and its enigmatic lead, Peter Molyneux, always build the gaming public up into an expectant mob with their promises. They have often met their own lofty goals but have admittedly fallen short on others. In Fable 2 you could get married, have sex, catch STD’s, buy property, kill, hug and tickle people, in whatever order you please. It was almost too much, with many of the important elements suffering from being forced to share the attention.

And in Fable III you can do even more: adopt children, merge magical powers, take on moral decisions that outweigh everything before them and become ruler of Albion. But behind all of these exciting options lies an honest and interesting story, something that Fable 2 lacked, offering more reward in its many side quests and their often amusing characters."

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