A Wasteland Guide to the Basics of Caravan - PlayStation Future

rymanb writes: "Any release day buyers of Fallout: New Vegas who have even touched upon the card game of Caravan within the game will understand me when I say that the tutorial on how to play the game is, well, pretty bad. When you are given your first deck of cards, you also retrieve a note, containing several paragraphs on how to play the game, and that’s it, you learn the rest yourself – if you don’t quite understand what the game is instructing you to do, then you’re helpless to play what can be an intriguing game of tactics, skill and, as with any card game, luck.

Read on if you want a more clarified and elaborate explanation on how to play the game, adapted from the official instructions included with Fallout: New Vegas, complete with helpful diagrams to aid clarity."

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