Enchanted Arms Interview: Speed Tactics Battle System

Enchanted Arms is the first classic Japanese RPG game created specifically for Xbox 360 by FROM Software, the creators of Otogi.

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ACE4114d ago

another one i will be adding to my collection of 15 360 games :),,, in the next 3-4 weeks i will be getting saints row , test drive the duel, i have dead rising amazing stuff and Enchanted Arms , i prob have missed 1 or 2 more lol lol .... by the end of the year i could have like 25+ games in my collection very impressive i must say , considering i have played 47 games on my 360 already lol.

kewlkat0074114d ago

Should I get the 360 with more games when GOW comes out or wii + 360 and one game each.

specialguest4114d ago

for those who are interested in this game, check out the HD trailers on this site:
looks interesting.

Tempo4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

nice find ..they got me on the battle system though seems interesting, definately picking this one up