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xYLeinen2943d ago

Looks like PSN+ is getting worth a yearly subscription. Maybe it's time I subscribe as well.

Did some calculations a few days ago and I could have saved a total of 34 bucks so far If I were subscribed. Well, save and save.

Lucreto2943d ago

I just downloaded it. I saved 2 Euroes on it with PS+.

extermin8or2943d ago

lol I got the multi pack thing, its on 85%

DirtyLary2943d ago

What is that? All dlc for a discount?

extermin8or2943d ago

yh all dlc for 15 quid instead of 21 xD

DirtyLary2943d ago

Nice, I was holding out for a deal on everything at one purchase.

KillerPwned2943d ago

Damnit that discount is only for PS+ members? I need to get a year subscription very soon.

Sitris2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

from that i have gotten:
All Fallout 3 DLC Free $80
Super Street Fighter HD Remix Free $24
Sam and Max Full season Free $40
Over 9 themes $10
Assassins Creed Beta
Killzone 3 Beta
Minis and PSone classics (only got 3 of each that i care about) $20
Zen Pinball $15
A Copy of LBP $50
Thats not including all the discounts and DLC for other games like killzone 2 and motorstorm (cant remember those prices)
Thats a total of over $200 after just 1/3 the total time with the service!!!

Yeah PS+ is a total waste to me.

Edit: Disagree with what, everything i just said is 100% true haha ah N4G, never change.

Errod882943d ago

i agree PlayStation Plus is Worth it I hope get a Killzone 3 Beta Key Soon

Sitris2943d ago

I'm addicted already! Haven't preordered yet due to the super duper special edition not being announced yet haha
Due to the PS3's delays this year with both SOCOM and LBP (both games i have preordered and am actuall glad they are having more polish time) and with GT5 being the last big exclusive for the year, which i will be picking up next year. Killzone 3 beta is currently my GOTY haha sill but it is just that much fun. The cutscene game mode is addictive as hell, on one map!

DeathGazer2943d ago

PS+ really is a great optional service.

Red_Orange_Juice2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

How many of those things would you actaully buy withoud PS+? themes, minis, pinball, sam&max.
You save when you's buy it anyway, if you take it just cos it's free it's hardly a save I think.

Sitris2943d ago

LBP my sisters play a S**T load so for me not having the disk was a bonus. I'm a HUGE sam and max fan, but had not bought the PSN ones due to money issues. So for me that was a biggy. I don't generally buy DLC so i never got the Fallout stuff, but i got it for free basicly, and is a perfect build up to new vegas. I would usually get maybe one theme if it looked awesome, dynamic ones only. But due to money (again) i couldn't get any due to it being a waste.
So for me, this service has been a real value for money. Plus i played a heap of AC:B beta and will be playing K3 beta till it shuts, basicly going to be full games for me haha

Red_Orange_Juice2943d ago

but would you buy it all without having PS+? :)

KillerPwned2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

You got a lot more then what US got....lucky

ALSO! For anyone that is having a Nerd orgasm over Killzone 3 just wait to preorder it. Amazon is most likely gonna have a $10 or $20 credit and also their might be a limited and collectors editions announced.

Sitris2943d ago

Be honest though, everything up to this point we have been jibed haha we only just got the video store, and rarely see the content as quickly as you US gamers. Plus everything is more expensive here lol games RRP is $120 here!!!!! Ridiculous considering are dollars are basicly 1-1.

KillerPwned2943d ago

Yeeeah you got a point there lol.

BkaY2942d ago

that why i havent bought a single new title... i simply refuse to pay $119 for a game which is $60 in US

i will buy em once they hit $69 or $59...

in canberra centre.... jbhifi and ebgames are right next to each other..

and their price difference is $40.00 per game....



So, you pay $70, and you recieve $200 with good content.

Getting PS Plus soon.

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