Borderlands Xbox 360 Will Not Require HDD

Gearbox confused about requirements for their own game:

You might remember a little story last week that confirmed with Gearbox President Randy Pitchford that their multi-platform first-person co-op shooter Borderlands would require the hard drive to run on Xbox 360, leaving behind anyone who purchased the Core SKU and didn't want to buy the expensive hard drive accessory. Not long after the story ran, however, Borderlands Lead Programmer Steve Jones announced to Gearbox message boards that Borderlands wouldn't require the hard drive.

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jlemdon4129d ago

because you want the best possible experience with your games so why not use HDD. at least a 1GB of space.

razer4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

but it would be nice if they could sense if your machine has an HDD attached and use it if you have one.

I sure as hell don't want my games gimped because some cheapass decided to not buy an HDD.

"That said, Borderlands will use the hard drive if it's there. "The game will take full advantage of the hard drive if it is present, but again, it will not be required," said Jobs in his forum post."

I guess they are already doing it.. good for them! I hope all games support a scenario like this because the CORE owners are complaining about being left behind but they are perfectly fine holding back games that would run better if it had an HDD. I say screw the CORE owners!

jlemdon4128d ago

the same way you feel about this, is the same way I feel about M$ making HD-DVD games.