Go! Gaming Giant: Wii Party Review

From the review:

"You’ve probably seen some of the commercials for Wii Party by now, and if you’re like me, you might be feeling a bit put-off by them. They don’t do such a great job of making the game look appealing and you just know they’re overselling it a tad. I mean, come on, everybody knows you can’t have that much fun spending time with your family. But hey, this is Nintendo we’re talking about. These are the folks who could make The Diary of Anne Frank a lighthearted tale for all ages. As far as I’m concerned, given their track record over the last couple of decades, Nintendo always deserves the benefit of the doubt, no matter how wacky some of their ideas may seem. And in the case of the latest iteration of first-party Wii-branded games, it’s actually not all that wacky, but it is yet another party game, which are in abundance on the Wii. But like I said, Nintendo always deserves the benefit of the doubt."

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omicron0092973d ago

wii party looks like fun, sadly I gave my Wii away a while ago

RaymondM2972d ago

Jackpot, I haven't had anything to use on Nintendo in such a long time. This might just be my next purchase for the under used system!