Black Ops: All Kill Streaks In Action

Here are all the killstreaks in action along with details.

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Fred-G-Sanford2972d ago

Man, I can't wait to get this game.

Fun times ahead!

FishCake9T42972d ago

Dito. The Gun Ship looks frekin tight.

xYLeinen2972d ago

Sooo, camping while the killstreaks where doing the dirty work in MW2 won't work in Black Ops. How are the kids reacting on this?

Wouldn't this possible decrease sale numbers?

AssassinHD2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I doubt it will have a significant impact on sales. For every person who may decide not to purchase it because it is less noob friendly, there is another person who may decide to purchase it because it is less noob friendly.

Edit: I am one of the latter. I was very disappointed in the MW2 multiplayer, and as a result was very skeptical about Black Ops. The balance changes I have read about however have changed my mind.

Turbo Teddy2972d ago

or possibly increase sales, because of the new found balance can attract a more mature audience, since its not all about Quck-Scoping and tubing. The scavenger perk have also been modified, so it does not re-equip tube, or launcher ammo..

BloodyNapkin2972d ago

Attract a more mature audience? Not like the mid 20 people that have weed or 420 in their name playing at noon on the PS3? The more mature people you attract the worst the competition gets.....

jeseth2972d ago

The most immature and annoying people to play with are the adults that take COD way too seriously.

Most of the kids I've played COD with online are hilarious, its the ego maniacal and insulting adults that ruin online gaming.

spunnups2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Looks like Black Ops is going to really piss off people who rely on these killstreaks to dominate matches. I love how they don't look nearly as deadly which hopefully means LESS CAMPERS (there will still be some douches out there). But overall I'm happy with what I just saw. Feel free to disagree.

The RC Car was the killstreak I was most concerned with and it seems the explosive radius on it seems very small. Also, the nemesis and chopper gunner don't look too intimidating. No nuke, no AC130. I hated entering a match in MW2 where the skies seem to be littered with Killstreaks because my team was a bunch of nubbers. This CoD seems to be more tactically based, which may bring some people back into the fold that hated MW2.

Anyone know what perks have been removed? Commando?

How about noob tubes? How have these been addressed?

I think the only real concern at this point is hackers and spawn camping. I hope these issues has been addressed. Chopper gunners that shot AC130 missiles, more than the allowed amount of airborne killstreaks, etc.

AssassinHD2972d ago

Grenade launcher attachments no longer work with warlord (bling) or scavenger. So while they may still be powerful, people will not be able to use them as frequently, and anyone who is using one will have to sacrifice other gun attachments.

spunnups2972d ago

What about the perk that increased explosives range? I wish tubes could only acquired through a killstreak.

JeffGUNZ2972d ago

danger closes, commmando, stopping power all have been removed.

AssassinHD2972d ago

In addition to Danger Close being removed, we also get an explosive defense perk with Flak Jacket.

BloodyNapkin2972d ago

Maybe you shouldn't even play it if all you are going to do is f#$king whine. My god, don't like stuff about the game don't play it. And take this advice to heart cause i do not want to hear your mouth while i am playing online.

I have never seen so many people whine about campers in my life. Hello there buddy campers are in every game and they are worse in MOH and BBC. There will always be campers learn to deal with it or do not play the game. Do you always whine in real life also?

You will never be able to get rid of spawn camping, MW2 does the best at not trying to get you spawn trapped by spawning you in various locations. Which if you play it right with a good party you can stay at certain locations and still get spawn trap. Thats why i play Mercenary TDM, there is never any spawn traps in that gametype. But MOH i can look at where you spawn from the start of the map and just pick you off one by one.

And far as hackers go i never was in a game or joined a lobby with hackers so i can not comment on that. Cause if it was a real concern then you must have joined a hackers lobby every other game i assume, right?

Dr-Zoidberg2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I am done with call of duty a yearly release loses its appeal, best part of this looks like the zombie mode but I wont pay that for it. The first Call of Duty games were good, 3 was terrible, MW1 was the best, Waw was ok, MW2 was terrible and although I appreciate what COD BO is trying to get right what MW2 got wrong I have just lost interest in the series.

BloodyNapkin2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

But you had enough interest to come in and post....i gotcha.

JeffGUNZ2972d ago

so, since one company let you down, you automatically assume THIS company will too. So, if you were driving a saturn and it broke down you wouldn't buy a Honda?

AllroundGamer2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

hopefully they fix the bugs with the dogs only attacking shooting enemies and also the turret, that shoots everyone even yourself and probably your teammates too...

@thehitman but then the dog killstreak would be underpowered, and since you need i think like 11 kills for the dogs than they should attack every enemy, not just the shooting ones.

thehitman2972d ago

the dog thing is a bug but the turret maybe...

AssassinHD2972d ago

You may consider the dog killstreak to be underpowered, but you are missing the bigger picture. People not shooting at you is a good thing.

AllroundGamer2972d ago

but they probably still can use the shootable knife, wonder if that counts as shooting :D gonna ask the dogs if that's ok :)

AssassinHD2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It is possible that it will be changed for release. It is also possible that the person in the video was using the ghost perk, so the dogs ignored him. I do think it is a little silly for attack dogs to ignore enemies just because they aren't shooting. They are attack dogs after all.

I am just looking at the silver lining. If people stop shooting to avoid being killed, they are effectively taken out of combat, and become little more than moving targets.

Jrome2972d ago

I think the sentry turret thing is great...It's a sentry turret, it shoots at whatever moves within a certain area. These balances might actually make me get this you for bringing CoD back to greatness treyarch :')

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