360 Magazine: 5 Star Wars Games Worse Than TFU II

360 Magazine: Those now claiming the Force Unleashed II is a bad Star Wars game should check out these pieces of bantha pudu…

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ryuzu2972d ago

Both TFU games have been bad Star Wars game since they don't reflect the SW universe lore very well.... Saying that there ware worse games doesn;t make these two any better.

Guess it's time to accept that the days of the good SW games was the 90's and earlt 00s - since then they've become progressively less SW and more generic with SW license slapped on :/


RealityCheck2972d ago

Personally my favorite Star Wars games were Jedi Knights back on the PC and KOTOR.

DeadlyFire2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

What Star Wars needs is a new Jedi Knight game. Not FU #, or TOR, or that crappy Clone Wars MMO, and other BS.

This list is utter crap. Masters of Teras Kasi was a great game for its time. So was Rebel Assault 2, and Jedi Power Battles. I have played all three of them and loved them all. Just cuz this guy is a FU fan he should trash other good older star wars games.

I strongly believe Battlefront 3 is coming. The confusion and closure of Free Realms and transformation of that studio into Crytek UK has caused quite a stir of rumors and under that mess somewhere is the truth. Noone knows what it is though. I am betting Crytek pitched the idea to scrap old game and rebuild it on their CryEngine 3 game engine. That's just my opinion on the matter though. 2012?

dannybohy2972d ago

personally I think FU II is a great starwars game, my guess is due to the game being quite difficult alot of little girls are having a paddy about it as they want something nice and easy to play. poor wittle babies

Man In Black2972d ago

Or it just happens to be incredibly shit?

BenjamazingUK2972d ago

I quite enjoyed Rebel Assault II and I quite like TFU games as well.
I agree that Masters Of Teras Kasi was a big pile of pants. I remember playing that in my younger years and thinking 'why the hell would these characters be fighting each other'?

I want another Battlefront dammit! Those are some great Star Wars games!

On an article note, it would have been good to see some screenshots as not everyone would have played them and it helps see how truly rubbish some of those games are.

xxsnowmanxx2972d ago

a Battlefront game would be nice. I really enjoyed the first one last gen when my buddy first introduced it to me.

GuruStarr782972d ago


dannybohy2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

i think its the first big boss in TFU2, its awesome set piece. Its a creature so big it makes Rancors look like small dogs compared to it, it even eats one ffs!. fantastic bit of gaming, still not half way through i dont think and loving it. also worth noting that its got a better script, visuals and story line than any of the prequel movies. i want to see TFU movie. BUY it, its well worth it, as I said its a quite a tricky game not a piece of pi$£ like most games recently.

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