Fable III divides the critics

The Fable III review embargo lifted early this morning – and the reviews, across the board, are a little more mixed than one might expect.

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Game-ur2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

"Big" sites usually have a pay-per-review policy. No cash no 9+.


Stuart57562972d ago

There will be loads of reviews 'bought' for this game, look at some of the stupid reviews for Crackdown 2. Microsoft don't hesitate when it comes to that.

lelo2play2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Do you actually believe what you are saying? Crackdown 2 has an average of 7 at Metacritic, which i think it's probably appropriate for that game.

As for Fable 3, i have not played it yet, but i will in the next few days. If it's as good or better then Fable/Fable 2, it deserves much better reviews then it has been having. I have seen scores of 5s and 6s.

Stuart57562972d ago

Yes I do, so do eight other people.

tacosRcool2971d ago

A little incentive goes a long way!

imoutofthecontest2972d ago

header: "and the reviews, across the board, are a little more mixed than one might expect."

But I expected them to be very mixed. Like all big releases, especially RPGs, there will be people giving it super-high and people totally hating on it.

Moreover, expect a lot more low scores to come out in a few months. Happens with almost every big release. Remember when everyone was giving FF13 9's out of 10 in the first week? LOL.

TheColbertinator2972d ago

lol Yeah CVG giving a 10/10 to FFXIII made me laugh.What a disaster

lucifon2972d ago

A little more mixed than expected? It's pretty much 8's across the board with 1 or 2 exceptions

The_Nameless_One2972d ago

I am just amazed by the fact that Jim Sterling is still reviewing games.

danielle0072972d ago

I hate him, I literally refuse to click on anything Destructoid anymore. Such a tool.

danielle0072972d ago

A few 90s, a bunch of 80s, and then a couple 70s, one 60, one 55(Destructoid, so I'd throw that one out, anyways.) An 80 on the metascore is pretttty decent.

And if you read the reviews, even the bad-ish ones have good things to say. They were just disappointed because some of the great ideas weren't fully realized. Which is what a lot of the reviews are saying. Best Fable yet, but it has issues that bring it down, and it could have been a masterpiece.

Regardless, I want this game.

The_Nameless_One2971d ago

"It's really not all that mixed.
A few 90s, a bunch of 80s, and then a couple 70s, one 60, one 55"

Ummm...What? Is this for real or is this just some really clever joke.

danielle0072971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The 90s were low when i checked out metacritic, the vast majority were 80s, and then one mid 70, one 60. That's it. How is that mixed? And even the 70 and the 60 were praising the game.

On your stupid nut analogy - It's more like if they had a bag of peanuts, and two walnuts snuck in by accident. Plus, I don't know what brand mixed nuts you buy, but that's a pretty shitty deal that you're getting.

mrlahey2971d ago

Last i checked a walnut, a cashew, couple of walnuts, and then a couple of almonds, and a bunch of peanuts was still considered a mixed bag of nuts.